About Us

Primal 4x4 and Fab is a team in Charlotte, NC lead by the father/ son duo of Jim Hodge and his son Blake.  They have had a passion for off-road modifications for only serious Jeep and truck owners that want to have the most aggressive 4x4 on the road.  They have delivered exceptional 4x4 transformations for their customers since 2018 and have quickly become the go-to shop in the Carolinas to get the job done right.  The team at Primal 4×4 and Fab work with a vast array of brands for your truck or SUV including lifts, bumpers, tires, and lockers for those that don't want to settle for the streets.  When you are interested in the finest parts to trick out your rig and turn heads all over town, you're in the right place.  If you have any questions or need help navigating to find the parts that are going to be the best fit for your needs, the team at Primal is here to help consult you through the process of finding the best parts on the market.  Reach out to us and schedule a consultation to talk about what you need to make your truck a rig to remember.